Web Technology

We design using the most effective technology for your business requirements. Whether you require ASP data driven web pages, E-commerce or a brochure web site.

Dynamically Generated Web Content

If your web site requires constantly changing content then dynamic web pages may be the answer. Page content can be generated on-the-fly using a web enabled database. The content on your website , or a section of your site, can be updated simply by entering the information via your computer, using your web browser such as Internet Explorer. The information is stored in the database and is then viewable on the web pages. Web pages do not have to be set in stone in the same way as a printed brochure. Providing up to date information for your site visitors means they are more likely to keep coming back.


If you are considering selling your products or services on the internet we can provide an online shop. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

For a demonstration of an online shop, click on the following link to view our demo e-commerce site:

Demo Store (Coming soon)

Our E-commerce shopping sites can be up-dated by the website owner allowing you to change products, prices and text through an on-line web browser. Of course if you require Lizard Studio to update your store for you then we are happy to do so.

Accepting credit card payments online requires bank merchant status whereby payments can be processed through a card terminal, or the setting up of an online merchant account with a PSP such as World Pay or Netbanx, allowing your transactions to be processed in realtime. Contact Lizard Studio to find out more about secure transaction credit card processing.