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Gas & Electricity

We offer business customers simple energy savings without the hassle of looking around the market.

Getting the best energy quote is more than simply checking prices on the internet. For example, not all suppliers publish business prices and many of the best tariffs are not available online.

Many UK businesses aren’t aware of the energy savings available to them, or that they are being over-charged!

Every customer is important to us. Whether your customer is a small owner-managed business or large multi-site operation, we will help you to provide a service tailored to their individual requirements.


We offer website and email hosting ranging from very basic to providing you with your own server. Email package which are available are from basic pop3 / imap to hosted exchange and 365 account.


we can provide you with a range of different Internet packages from home to corporate including leased lines.

There is a lot of work in this area at the moment so please contact us with your address so we can see what is avalibale.

Curently we are doing FTTP starting at £28.73 per month depending on your area.


Need to install/upgrade your current phone system then talk to us, we can put in or host a VOIP system for you. 3CX desktop app gives you even more tools out of the box, watch out Video here 

IT Support

We can offer you a monthly support package that will suit the needs of your organisation.

If you need to have remote support then download our Quick Support application which will allow us to connect to your computer.

Once you have downloaded and run the application you can give your User ID to us by phone or by email which will allow us to connect.


We provide a range of SIM only monthly contracts from O2 or Vodafone at extremely good rates. If you decide they are not for you then you don't have to wait a year just ask for the PAC and we will only charge you for the time you were with us.

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